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The demand for disposable gloves

Global Industrial hand gloves Market, by product (Reusable gloves, Disposable gloves), by material (Natural rubber, leather gloves, polyethylene gloves, nitrile gloves, neoprene gloves, metal mesh gloves) by application (automotive, healthcare, chemical, construction, food & beverage) - Forecast 2016-2022.Industrial gloves are used to guarantee worker wellbeing and clean conditions in the work environment. Industrial gloves give insurance against icy, heat, harm by erosion, scraped area, chemicals and maladies. It is manufactured from natural materials or synthetic materials and used according to the type of conditions or contaminants associated with the job.
Strong global presence and development of lightweight hand gloves for working environment are driving the market of North America. Growth in the pharmaceutical, automotive as well as in construction segment, company mandates lead to the high consumption of a variety of industrial gloves. The report has analyzed the market based on the four segments: Product, material, application, and end-use in the regions of North America, Europe, A.PAC and rest of the world. On the basis of product it includes Disposable gloves, Canvas and leather gloves and other. Disposable gloves has the largest market share. Safety and security glass that is made by sandwiching a laminated sheet between two pieces of glass.
The demand for disposable gloves is primarily driven by its low cost compared to re-usable gloves. On the basis of material it includes Nitrile, Vinyl and others. Nitrile and vinyl material gloves has largest market share.Moreover, On the basis of application it includes automotive, healthcare, chemical, construction and others. Healthcare and automotive segment gets more Large loop neodymium magnet with concave hole popularity for hand gloves. Whereas North America is referred as higher consumption market for industrial hand gloves. The scope of the market has widened over many years owing to the flourishing markets of North America.
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