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Travel dairies are loaded

Travel dairies are loaded with self- describing journeys, the over helpful natives and how everyone needs a break from the real life every now and then. But, the worst nightmare that happens to turn true is the bland, tasteless and over cooked food sometimes you get during your travel. Oh No No! I am not at all talking about the food that you get in different parts once you reach your travel destinations; I am actually speaking about the part where you are actually travelling to reach the place. Street foods and travel snacks earlier used to be a fun part of it.
But, now when you tell any one of these times, they quite wonder is this an ancient fable or the fantasy that I keep referring to. Although not so much keen about today’s street food, I do know certain industrial caterers that help me out for my travel dilemma in such times. Honestly, we like to call them as our magic beans and unlike others we never worry for this particular facet in travelling. So back to the travel story; the travel wasn’t supposed to be a leisure trip but an industrial tour clubbed with some relaxation. And certainly, who doesn’t mix business with some pleasure. Recently, Pune as people talk has changed everyone’s perspective of the good time; from happening lifestyle to the workaholics of the Industrial spectrum, Pune has literally nailed its diversity. Here we were, boasting about Pune adding our food habits to the list of Pune Pride. While we started with the travel, I realized my friend had packed some of the favorite foods from our usual caterer. Another friend that brought the usual packed foods from distant food arenas. Obviously, we chose the earlier as they were fresher, more hygienic and tastier. Being a regular diner at Adhik Resorts we always relied for travel foods to them. The pot magnet freshness, the flavor and the feeling of home food is what makes us go back to them again and again. We quite do not understand the fuss that has been trending with the packaged foods or organic foods and the claims that these companies keep doing. Anytime, I would rather choose the freshly made food packed with nutrition, and hygiene.
Navigating through the big bagpack of the food, I opened up my share and there it was my favorite dish of Maasvadi and the ever refreshing solkadi(one of their specials). Taking a small bit of it, I really wonder how they can manage to feed almost whole of the chakan industrial area with such a universal taste delivered to everyone. I sure appreciate their uniqueness in their work. So, when you are tired of packaged foods or wish to try the freshly made food, for a change experiment with the industrial caterer who also happens to be the best diner of Chakan industrial area.
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The demand for disposable gloves

Global Industrial hand gloves Market, by product (Reusable gloves, Disposable gloves), by material (Natural rubber, leather gloves, polyethylene gloves, nitrile gloves, neoprene gloves, metal mesh gloves) by application (automotive, healthcare, chemical, construction, food & beverage) - Forecast 2016-2022.Industrial gloves are used to guarantee worker wellbeing and clean conditions in the work environment. Industrial gloves give insurance against icy, heat, harm by erosion, scraped area, chemicals and maladies. It is manufactured from natural materials or synthetic materials and used according to the type of conditions or contaminants associated with the job.
Strong global presence and development of lightweight hand gloves for working environment are driving the market of North America. Growth in the pharmaceutical, automotive as well as in construction segment, company mandates lead to the high consumption of a variety of industrial gloves. The report has analyzed the market based on the four segments: Product, material, application, and end-use in the regions of North America, Europe, A.PAC and rest of the world. On the basis of product it includes Disposable gloves, Canvas and leather gloves and other. Disposable gloves has the largest market share. Safety and security glass that is made by sandwiching a laminated sheet between two pieces of glass.
The demand for disposable gloves is primarily driven by its low cost compared to re-usable gloves. On the basis of material it includes Nitrile, Vinyl and others. Nitrile and vinyl material gloves has largest market share.Moreover, On the basis of application it includes automotive, healthcare, chemical, construction and others. Healthcare and automotive segment gets more Large loop neodymium magnet with concave hole popularity for hand gloves. Whereas North America is referred as higher consumption market for industrial hand gloves. The scope of the market has widened over many years owing to the flourishing markets of North America.
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